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Here's the thread that was started some time back on antlers as chews

I don't buy the split ones (some are sold split in half) as I think they have a risk of splintering but I haven't had any trouble with the regular ones.

They don't affect Ali's blood sugar at all unless she gets into an intense chewing session...then it can actually drop her bg.

The only problem I had was when I bought one from a place that also sold venison. The antler was fresh I believe instead of naturally shed and actually had blood draining from the marrow - yuck. I tossed it and made sure I only purchased shed antlers from then on.

We've had several different kinds. It's nice when the edges are sanded down so they aren't sharp. Our favorite are from They offer a coupon code for return customers. Ali usually does well with a medium from there.

She has about 4 of them in her basket and I find them pulled out and scattered in the yard every day without fail .

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