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Default Re: Newly Diagnosed and Confused

Hello there!

I like you, was very upset and confused but the good news is you now will have access to lots of helpful info, so don't panic.

It took several dosages before Mr Shadow's proper amount was found, but usually the vet will start w/less amount of insulin and add after the glucose is checked. It took me several months to build enough courage to test him at home, but I could tell he was way too stressed at the vet & that spikes his levels even more!

There are still mornings and rare afternoons when my dog will refuse to eat, no matter what I offer him, but you need to work with what is best for your pet. And they need to have ingested enough food for the insulin to work, so snacking all day is not a good idea. I have just started feeding him baby food turkey & chicken mixed with the prescription hills D/W.

Izzy will be okay because she has you to care for her.
Mr. Shadow 7 year old mix breed, 21 lbs. , diabetes diagnosis Sept. 2015. Currently on 9 units Novolin N
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