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Default Re: Newly Diagnosed and Confused

Hello and welcome!

I think most people on here also felt completely overwhelmed when they first had their dogs diagnosed but the good news is that it fairly soon becomes quite routine. I certainly had never dealt with any dog illness that required me to do any more than just feed them pills at the required intervals, and diabetes does have to be a little more hands on than that.
(I also had no idea that there would not a be a fixed dose for insulin and didn't realise that getting them regulated is a process which takes time).

If your dog's drinking is moderating then it looks as if she is responding well to the insulin and you are heading in the right direction. Our dog quite often has antibiotics and with some brands I am pretty sure that they make him feel ill as a side effect, so your dog may be experiencing a bit of that too.

Home testing is great in that it provides up to the minute information and you can do it as often as you wish. I was very reluctant to start, didn't think I could do it - then a member on here sent me a meter so I thought I'd better get on with it and I found it wasn't half as bad as I expected. Some dogs don't like it but most seem to accept it quite readily - ours comes up to us with his tail wagging when we say it's time to test him, because he loves the little treat he gets as his reward.

There is a lot of help and experience available through this forum so don't hesitate to ask if you have questions.

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