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Default Re: Newly Diagnosed and Confused

I could use some reassurance from everyone who has experience. Izzy started an increase to 7 units of Humulin N on Friday and today she is back to drinking and peeing. Every time we increase her insulin dosage she is better for a few days and then reverts back to the drinking and peeing cycle. We take her to the bet to test her blood glucose and it had increased. I know we are in the beginning stages and it will take some time. I trust our vet and from what I read, she is doing everything right. However, I am an emotional basket case - I was in the grocery store this morning and I just started crying. I will be talking to the vet tomorrow since her blood and urine test results will be back tomorrow - she thinks her UTI needs another course of antibiotics. Thanks for listening.
Izzy's Mom - 11 years old, 24 pounds, diabetic since May, 2016, 12 units Humulin N every 12 hours; 1/2 cup Blue prescription k/s three times a day and a regular grain free greenie after dinner
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