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Default Re: Introducing Luna

I was talking to my vet yesterday and she was complimenting me on keeping Luna regulated at home. It brought to mind how much of that praise should go to this lovely forum.

An update: Luna had a complete turn around after my last post. The aggression seemed to disappear overnight. She was right back to her happy self again. A week later I noticed that the white part of her eyes looked red. We discovered that she had uveitis. We treated her twice daily with eyedrops and her eyes are much improved.

A couple of days ago she seemed to be confused. She knows every square inch of this house, but she seemed to bump into every available wall or door.

I took her to the vet and discovered her liver numbers are worse then they have every been. She has always been sky high, but now she is off the charts. They think it might be cancer, hepatitis, or infection. She is currently on heavy antibiotics. Vet believes it is hepatitis and it is untreatable because of her diabetes.

It looks bad. My heart is breaking. She looks so good, it's hard to imagine she is so sick.

She has been so patient with me with my frequent blood sugar tests. I thought we were working hard together to be one of those successful stories where the dog lives several years after diagnosis. We are not even at 6 months.

Luna is our first dog. I can't imagine it gets any easier, but this end of life stuff really sucks.
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