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Default Re: I didnt disappear..

Hi Johanna,

I feel for you. My husband and me were both smokers. We both decided to quit - got the chantix. He started his first - he smoked a lot more than me - at first he was fine with the pill but then he started to have crazy dreams and his stomach got really messed up. He stopped the pill after being on it a month and a half. Even without the pill he still isn't smoking - it's 4 months now that he hasn't smoked. Now I'm another story - I only smoked about a half a pack a day. I never took the pill and have no desire to take it - but have cut down to 4 cigarettes a day. We haven't smoked in our house in years - have to go outside whenever I do want one. Don't know when I'll quit. I have tried a few times over the years to quit cold turkey but it has never worked for me. I did quit each time I became pregnant but I always started up again after I had the babies. How stupid is that? Good luck with the no smoking.

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