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Default Re: I didnt disappear..

Hi Johanna,

I am from the CC site. I really feel for what you are going through. I began smoking at about age 18, did it as a bet that I could do it for a year and quit, guess what?

That was 1976, in 1990 I was overweight and could'nt be active without being short of breath and decided I needed to stop. What I used was a product called 'Lifesign' I just checked you can still get it and it worked well for me.

It is not a chemical, or hypnosis, or anything like that. It is a handheld device that you program for two weeks, everytime you light up you press a button and it learns about your habit. On day 15 when you turn it on it tells you when to smoke, you have built a custome detox program over the past two weeks. It gives you enough of the additctive stuff that your mind can deal with the withdrawl. If you cant wait until it tells you to 'moke again you cheat and push a button that lets it know you cheated and it adjusts the program.

It worked for me. About a week into withdrawl I was cheating a lot and at one point I just came to the conclusion that I was going to quit or not and at that point I made the decision to quit. I don't think I would have done it otherwise.

I will be 50 this year and have been quit now since 1990. Again, its called 'Lifesign', just google it and you will find it easily.

Hope you find the right method for you. Scott
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