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I meant by meal timing that she was digesting enough at that point to have enough sugar going into her blood to balance the insulin so thatís why it evened out instead of dropping.

Though you donít think so, today is probably our best data yet to base decisions on!! Getting her meals regular is so very important so that we can see whatís going on more clearly! I know how hard it is when you want to be able to give them treats and not feel so regimented, so youíredoing REALLY well (for reference, Iíve been a pet sitter for 19 years, so Iíve seen a lot of pet parents at not so fun moments. Deep breath, youíre doing much better than it feels.

Todayís numbers look to me like the best argument yet that sheís past her optimal dose and needs to have her insulin reduced, if you look how it dipped over the 3.5 hours (and we donít know from that how low exactly), and then shot up past where it started. I would love to have someone weigh in whoís had the same issue to work with for the ďnow how do we fix itĒ part...

I may be able to do more research once I get fuel and get home and changed, Iím soaked to the skin with the hurricane remains hitting New England.
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