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Happy New Year everyone from myself & Honey! THANK YOU ALL for all your support to us over the last few months - I don't know if I could have gotten through everything without this forum! I started using the Caninsulin Vetpen on Honey this week & it's going really well. The pen is not as flimsy as the syringe so I've a better grip with it, & the needle is thinner so there's not a bother on her! I was worried about cataracts as she seemed to be looking at me & if I moved her eyes didn't follow so got the vet to check her eyes just before Christmas & she's happy with her. Though she did say " no cataracts yet" :0( Anyway...... Positive thinking - onwards & upwards! Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas xx
"A dull day, a sad day, a frustrating day - but everything seems bright when a small furry object hurls into your arms & tells you how very glad she is to see you home" (Pam Brown)