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Default Re: Animal Validated Meters???

Can you explain about the adding 100 points to a FreeStyle? Many people were using them and they weren't adding 100 points to their readings that I heard of. Many people take their meters with them when blood tests are done and use some of the same sample to see how their meters compare to what the lab says. Do you have a link about this you can share?

BD Diabetes, Dr. Greco:

"Q: Do I have to recalibrate a "people" glucometer for my pet?
A: If you have a dog, it may not be necessary to recalibrate. Studies have shown that results from blood glucose meters designed for people compare reasonably well with laboratory values in dogs. However, some blood glucose meters tend to be more accurate for animals than others. Ask your veterinarian to recommend a product that would serve well for you and your pet.",327824

Most of those testing at the Feline Diabetes Board are using meters designed for people. They did some comparisions when Abbott's AlphaTrak was new. Their consensus was that they didn't find the animal validated meter to be any better than the ones they were currently using. They found AlphaTrak to be very much like FreeStyle. Here are the comparison graphs they did:

If you have a link where it's suggested to add 100 points to a meter, I think we'd all be interested.