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Default Re: Animal Validated Meters???

thats why i got the glucopet, i did not want to be adding points, plus when i compared the prices of the strips at walmart for the other meters it seems they were all in the 45.00 to 55.00 range, so i figure I'm paying the same

I will go and check where I got the info.

I took Niki to the vet before we left I got a 89, 1 hr later at vet she was at 129, the vet did take her blood, and did the meter, I took it with me, she said maybe add 20 pts to it, maybe not and wanted the info on the Glucovet, I don't know if they bought one yet.

She said the meter gave a better reading. I think the glucopet is darn near the correct reading as when Niki is low I know it and take her BG and she is usually low, when she is leaking pee I do BG again and get the high of 250 or more, I guess it all depends on what you are used to using.

Plus I like the fact that the Glucopet lady "Karen" is very nice to work with, about a year ago a bottle of strips kept getting error messages, so I called her, and she sent me a new bottle of strips, so I appreciate that, especially with how much strips cost.

I test Niki quite frequently so I think I go thru 100 strips in about 2 months more or less
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