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Default Re: Newly Diagnosed

Hi and welcome! Sounds like you are making progress.

Humulin N and Novolin N are the two brands of NPH insulin used. Wal Mart contracts currently with the manufacturer of Novolin to simply put Relion on the box. It is essentially the same insulin like comparing folgers and maxwell house coffee. The differences would be subtle and likely only due to a different preservative. Many vets say they favor Humulin but I also have heard Eli Lilly works the vets offices like a doctors office so they may be the reason they recommend it. I used both with Maggie. She was little and sensitive to insulin - the only difference I saw was that the Novolin N seemed to last longer duration wise and stay fresher longer. Beyond that, it worked about the same. I would just tell the vet that the Novolin is the same thing and it is $25. Period. There is no reason to overpay for the same thing.
Maggie - 15 1/2 y/o JRT diagnosed 9/2007, Angel status on 6/20/16. Her mantra was never give up but her body couldn't keep up with her spirit. Someday, baby.......
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