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Default Been there, Done that- Part II

I had not started a thread for Harley as of yet in the hopes that would return from the internet nether regions, but looks like that is going to be awhile, so I figured it's time.

When we last left off, Harley had another episode of GI upset, not nearly as severe as his gallbladder attack last fall, but due to some confusion with what my GP vet wanted to do with his lysodren dosage, along with the illness, I went ahead & had him stimmed about 5 weeks early. I must back up to refresh all of our memories about the lyso dosage. About 6 weeks ago, I discovered that Harley had dropped from 14 lbs. to 12.4 lbs for no apparent reason. With the weight loss, that put his current weekly lyso dose of 300 mg., at that point, over max dosage at 54 mg/kg. The GP vet told me that lyso had been know to cause weight loss, so he cut the weekly dose to 225 mg. Harley got sick about a week after the change in dose. With the stim, I also had a chem panel drawn as I was concerned about a possible kidney issue as I had noticed that Harley appeared to be drinking a lot of water, again. Anyway, the stim came back at 7.1 which was slightly lower than Feb.'s result. Harley has been fine running with a post of 7, & the vet doesn't want to attempt to take him lower because of the pre-existing gallbladder condition. Prior to the stim being done, the vet wanted to increase the lyso dose back to what it was. My response was, "HUH, if this is a Cushing's crash, don't we want to drop the dose even further?" The vet was insistent that it needed to be increased, so that's when I insisted on the stim. The chem panel did show an increased BUN, but a perfectly normal creatinine. When monitoring kidney function, you do look at both numbers, but the creatinine is the more important of the 2. The interesting thing was that Harley's T4 came back at 0.3. After talking to the vet, he added on the free T4 to make sure we weren't looking at a case of sick euthyroid. MIRACLES OF MIRACLES, Harley's free T4 came back perfectly normal. It's about time, the little guy & Mom caught a break.