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Default Re: Kinser - Kinser has passed on... August 1, 2016

Originally Posted by bgdavis View Post
I'm just reading this today. I'm so sorry you had to let your beloved Kinser go. You were wonderful to him in his last days. Made me cry because I didn't have the opportunity to give Criss one more ice cream sundae.

I'm so sorry.
Bonnie and Angel Criss Ann
Thank you. I was very thankful to have had the time to spoil Kinser, especially after losing Decker somewhat unexpectedly. But it was extremely hard for John to get past what was coming to enjoy those last days - especially the last few hours. He felt like it was almost easier to have the end come suddenly than to have to face a new day knowing what was to come. I can understand his point of view too - it's such an individualized decision.

I've read Chriss Ann's story a few times. She was a beautiful girl who was lucky to have you as her human. Never really gets easier but it seems over time it just becomes more routine to go on without them.

I came across this, "Heartwarming Illustration Of A Dog’s Life Will Make You Want To Hug Your Pup Forever" today... you may need tissues to read....
Holli & Decker // diagnosed November 5th, 2011 // Journeyed to the bridge January 26th, 2013, surrounded by his family at home // 9 years old // Levemir insulin // Hypothyroid // C1-C5 cervical spinal lesion // weight 87 lbs // Run with the wind my sweet boy. Run pain free. Holding you close in my heart till we meet again!
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