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Talking Re: Surpise meet my friend

So good to see you back, Dolly, and to read your update on Pip. (A glorious name for a dog, right, Pam?)

Hope her paw heals up quickly now! Paws can be so difficult! That rough snow and ice is horrid on a dog's paws! Especially if street crews put down sand - and SALT!

I got lucky this past winter - moved house (horrid, horrid job) - and on my new street (one I lived on for 27 years previously, but now farther up the street), the crews didn't bother ploughing, nor sanding nor salting! Thank goodness!

But I couldn't walk Camellia anyway, because my driveway and street are on a slippery slope! And ONE jerk from Camellia on the leash would have sent me flying. At the OLD place, the driveway and road were flat, and I could walk Kwali and Kumbi safely just by planting my feet carefully.

Here, we were snowbound for nearly five days, Camellia braving the outside stairs, which were icy - to do her stuff when needed. That was very good of her, as she was only recently house-trained - by me!

I know what you mean about missing our diabetic dogs. Because I now live in a different place, I have fewer constant reminders of Kwali and Kumbi - but that makes little difference, oddly enough, as I still miss both a lot, a lot, a lot! As I do my earlier animal companions.

Do keep us posted on Pip!

Love, hugs, licks and wags,
Tue, 29 Mar 2011 16:56:27 (PDT)
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