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Default Re: Surpise meet my friend

Hey Dolly - I know what you mean about Nikki. I still do that with my beloved Buddy. I miss that guy so much. He tore a foot and a half hole in my wall-to-wall carpeting, but I hated that carpeting - so we HAD to get new! I loved him even more.

Holy Terror? Nobody told you to name her Pip! LOL Just kidding. But yes, Carol it is a glorious name!

Looks like she's keeping you busy! It's hard work, but I miss the puppyhood sometimes. I think it's the puppy breath! Do you have any more pictures of her? I'll look at your site. Glad the paw is healing!

Hey, I got my Newman so that Pip could train him - now he barks like a lunatic too!

How are you doing Dolly?
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