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Default Re: Newly Diagnosed and Confused

Originally Posted by Isabelle View Post
Thank you for all of your advice and I am happy to report that after 4 weeks of increasingly higher doses in insulin, Izzy's glucose count is finally on a downward trend. It is still in the mid 400's , but her activity level is up and the drinking and peeing are back to normal. Finally some good news
Hello Isabelle.

You're certainly in the right place for valuable support and information. These folks are amazingly helpful.

I was in your exact place 6 weeks ago. Feeling lost and panicking was a major part of my day. Actually still plays a big part in my world. My 35 lb. Corgi was diagnosed 6 weeks ago and I've been on the same path your currently on.

I'm so happy that Izzy's numbers are stabilizing. I'm still trying to get my boy into the 300 range. Continues in low to mid 4's.

Scooby's on 7 units of Novolin and has been for 3 weeks. I'm thinking I may look into a different food. If I may ask what food are you using?

The original vet sold me Royal Canin Diabetic. He then ran out of stock.
I joined here and saw many folks using non prescription foods. I'm thinking I should change. He's been on Blue Buffalo Healthy weight.

His thirst has improved but he's still pretty lethargic.

As I mentioned the folks here are awesome and will help. They "held my hand". I needed it for sure.

Take care and best of luck.
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