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Default Re: Help for little Piper?

Originally Posted by jesse girl View Post
Hi and welcome

Regulation does take time a patience . Anything below 80 is a concern for me with my jesse . If I see consistent numbers below 80 its time to reduce the dose

The higher fasting in the 400s maybe rebound with blood sugar bouncing off that lower number as a way for the body to protect itself from going to low

Lowering the dose sounds prudent and dont hesitate to go lower if still seeing low numbers

Now hypoglycemic events are rare in dogs especially for people that home test and not giving a terribly high dose of insulin . Most times when a dog is vulnerable could be during exercise during active insulin . The nine years since jesse has been diabetic she has not had a hypo event but her sugar has been low . Now you dont want to be complacent either

Your dog maybe still producing some insulin and may explain the ups and downs you are seeing . Is your dog spayed ? If not that can lead to regulation problems . How much does your dog weigh ?

Most find a path that works for them and find that new normal that the dog can lead a happy dogs life .
Thank you so much for the reply!

Piper is just under 9 pounds right now. She lost quite a bit of weight before and during the crisis she was in, but is eating well and putting it back on pretty quickly.

She isn't spayed, but that is on the agenda as soon as her team clears her for surgery. They would have liked to have done it immediately, but she was so tiny and unwell that they wanted to see her a bit better regulated and with a little more weight back on before doing it.

Originally, while still hospitalized, she wasn't very responsive to any insulin and they set her dose as high as they safely could. Last night I reduced her dose to 5.5 and she woke up with a reading in the 190s and is currently (12:30 pm EST) at 109. Definitely better than yesterday! I will check her again later to make sure she isn't dropping too low.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience - knowing that you have made it 9 years is very encouraging!
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