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Default Re: Pip's Story

Hi Pam and Pip,

Your Pip sounds a bit like Apollo...we even did the Cushings tests..... however we are still using Vetsulin....
anyhow -- do you give Pip any supplements?

I have been giving Apollo - SamE (Denosyl), and Milk Thistle.
both are good for the liver etc... and since we too have a history of pancreatitis - anything I can do to prevent .... it's worth it!

another thought -- Apollo gets 'hungery' and at times he will eat too fast -- that's usually when we might see a bit of upchuck I stand by his food now to slow him down and I also put his food on a larger plate and spread is out to help the speeding.

hope the vet appt goes well.

Debbie and Apollo
Apollo -13.2 lbs. Since 12/24/06. Vetsulin - 7.0 units 2x's a day. Royal Canin-Digestive Low Fat LF dry & canned. Chlorestoral meds once a day. Fish Oil 2x's a day. Potassium Citrate Granules for bladder stones.
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