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Default Re: Pip's Story


My husband just came back from the Vet and first of all Pip lost weight again. I can't believe it! He was doing so well. He actually gained a pound. He has been acting like he's starving lately - and that could account for the vomiting. He eats like it's his last meal.

Secondly, at about 3PM his bg was 66! The Vet didn't want us to drop his insulin, but give him more food. I have suspected that Pip might go low at the Vet because of nerves, but I have no proof.

I'm worried about 66 at 3 because based on previous curves, his lowest time of the day is usually noon.

He has not shown signs of hypoglycemia that I've been able to detect, but he never has actually gone hypo. My husband is home with him all day.

I'm quite depressed with this news - I just hope tomorrow isn't more of the same.

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