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Default Re: Barney - 8yo Jack Russell Terrier

My dog recently had been tested for Cushings. He is presently a diabetic dog. So, as of yet he was considered borderline. He also has cancer. Since 2005 I found this wonderful Chinese Vet. in Speonk, LI that has been treating my dog for his cancer with herbs from China. In 2005 the traditional vets only gave him to the end of the year. When he had a problem with his Trachea, he gave him herbs, when he had a problem with the bleeding from his nose (cancer) he gave him pills to stop the bleeding. And if he was to have cushings, he has herbs for treatment for the cushings disease. And when he was diagnosed with Pancreatis, he gave him the pills. SO I believe there is another way to treat animals without traditional drugs. I know alot of vets from diff. states call him with problems and he mails out the herbs to them for treatment. I had a co-worker how's dog had lymphomia, in 2007, he went to him and he is still here and doing wonderfully with the herbs.