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Default Re: Barney - 8yo Jack Russell Terrier

Hi Kelley,

I've never posted on your thread before, but I wanted to tell you that I had the UCCR & ACTH stim done initially with my former vet. My current GP vet saw the results (plus low urine specific gravity, elevated liver enzymes from former vet records & clinical signs) and she suggested I go straight to getting an ultrasound. I remember she had mentioned that the other vets in her practice always do the LDDS, but she felt that it was unecessary (at least, in my case). I'm not sure why, but now I'm guessing that it was because I had already done the ACTH stim test. (If I had found this site earlier, I would have done the UTK panel in lieu of the initial ACTH stim test.)

Basically, I'm with Debbie - use the $$$ for the ultrasound.