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Default Re: Pip collie lab x cushings arthritis

Hi Everyonr

Thank you for all your replies,
I know about mititane i asked my vet practice about itbut they are not licensed for that drug but there is a dog down the from my house who also has cushing and her dog is on mitotane (she is at a different practice than mine.i have another dog that live not so far from me and the dogs has cushings she is also on vetoryl her dog doesn't seem to lose any weight and is and still has syptoms of his cushing but as i say hes on vetoryl she is at the same vets practice as us and they prefer vetoryl .

Anyway going on to we called our vet practice yesterday afternoon at 1.30pm, for advice as he really is not well at all .the vet nurse said our normal vet was at lunch but she never got in contact at all (which is very unlike her as she always contacts you back my vet is always very hectic as she a very popluar vet with every one but she only the monday and friday and it doesn't matter if she full booked up with appointments she will always fit Pip in her schedule and if sshe cannot the other vet will go and have a quick chat but she does copme throw and see while we are with the other vet but thats very rare) anyway going back to Pip hes right side is very painful and his stomach is sore he skin is very he's ears still very red and irrating him doesn't like them being touched he's getting like open sores on his stomach he's got know enregy and very lethergic he's not doing anything my mum called and the nurse said she would call us back but a 8pm our vet never and my mum said this is not like onr vet as she hasn't called us mum said there must of been something going that she could'nt get back to us.
So in the end my mum called the out of hours number the vet called us back mum explian what was going on with pip as i've already said she said that even when pip is not well he always has something for a little play but hee's not doing anything he got nothing no energy (by this time i was very unhappy mum said we called and the vet hasnt got back to us she said its not like our vet not to call and she apolized on her behalf of the practice but she told my our vet will always contact is back because its Pip and said our surname even if our normal vet got the message at 10pm she wopuld call because its Pip the vet mum spoke to is going to find out what going on and why our vet never got back tous (but said yes its Pip and she would get back to us because its Pip.
anyway we've done what the vet has told us to do and we just have to watch him over the weekend.
Julie Pip