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Default Re: Pip collie lab x cushings arthritis

I always see my normal vet and if pip is ill in the week the other vets treat him and put us on till our normal vet is back on a friday i left message and they said she would call but as i said already she never so we called the out of hours practice who apolgised and she said if we call she our normal vet would contact us back because its pip
anyway the sores started to appear on wedensday the vet my mium spoke to said to bath the which i'm doing with hibiscrub which if i took pip to the vets thats excalty what they would use she also said that Pips belly maybe just upset and sometimes cushing dogs do get an upset stomach and can be painful.

i've given him piriton for the redness of his skin and also to help with the irration of his ears .
this morning i gave pip a bath as he was uncomfortable with his skin i use COATEX which i get from the vets this has help he just pinkish on his stomach now and a little more settled i still bathe these sores

I worried something else is going on with Pip other than his cushings and have said this to my normal vets as she knows every part of pip she checked his liver kidneys pancreas she also checked his thyroid and 1 reading con=mes back low which happens with a cushings dog as i have a friend with cushings and her dog's reading for thyroid come back low but its not actual the thyriod causing the problem also my vet has tested him for diabetes that was feb march time and she until then he didn't have that.
My vets seems to think its behavourial problems with Pip but all he suffersw with is sepration anxiety but when i m home hes fine he never left home alone there is always someone there with him and if there is i take to a friends and he will stay there till i go and collect him
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