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Default Re: Barney - 8yo Jack Russell Terrier

I got a call from the vet today and the results of the LDDS test were negative. I don't have the results yet, but she said they were all within normal range.
She called the University of Florida for some advice. The vet there plans to get in touch with the University of Tenn. for some advice and direction.
I asked her to explain to me why the positive results on the other test don't mean he has Cushings for sure. She said the levels on the first test do show all the signs of Cushings, however, he has no other "clinical signs". His adrenal glands are perfectly normal and the LDDS test was normal.
I asked her if we could at least start the melatonin and FSO as recommended on the first lab test. She said she didn't have a problem with starting the FSO but would hold off on the melatonin.
What are everyone's thoughts on this? The vets seem really stumped.

Thanks so much,