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Default Bagel joins the group and Mommy is melting

Here we are..Bagel, my Cushings girl since March has suddenly become diabetic with the diagnostic BG at 420. A week of drinking and peeing 24/7 and Mommy up all night taking her out took us to the vet.
She has had a bladder stone, several UTIs and been on Lysodren since March doing well...

ONE shot of vetsulin- 9 units last night..I almost died but she didn't even notice...Was suppose to do the second one tonight,,I messed up cause her fur was all wet and so I have no clue if any went in,.
better to let it go than try more..
tomorrow I do 2 doses..I will be more careful but I am still very nervous about it.
She will be 10 in Dec...weighs 40 lbs Cushings diagnosed in March...
next week she goes for curve test..
I don't know anything,,,Will she definitely go blind? Now her eyes are clear and she is pretty healthy. We go out in our stroller daily...I will post pics of that and her...
thanks..I am exhausted and trying to schedule a meltdown but no time. Have cancelled all weekend plans so I can do these shots and watch her...
Do I need to schedule 12 hour increments exactly>>> no leeway??
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