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Default Re: Munchie–11 yr. old MiniSchnauzer–Just Diagnosed

Thanks for checking in on Munchie. Wish I could say all is going well but it is not. Munch started turning his nose up at the Dick Van Patten food but ate it today with some shredded tilapia in water added. My non-picky eater has now become picky but from reading on the forum it seems pretty common. He was not thriving on the rice diet and it took a huge amount of calories just to maintain his weight but only 5 days and way too much food on the new diet and he gained a little.

He definitely has room for more insulin and know I'm repeating myself - it just seems odd to me that the more insulin he's given the worse his numbers get. Maybe there's something about the regulation process I don't understand. He drinks water non-stop now. He's up and around some if his bg is in the 400's but that's pretty much a thing of the past. With the 8 units NPH his numbers decrease slightly and then start upwards again in about 4 hrs. I thought perhaps my overfeeding of the new diet was causing the elevated bg but wrong again as I have reduced the amount. I honestly don't know what's wrong nor do I know what to do. Vet had me change him from 4 meals down to 3 and again down to 2 but his numbers remained lousey no matter what. I could wear the "patience hat" if I was seeing a tiny amount of improvement but things are going the other way for Munch. Maybe he has another issue going on that's not obvious. Don't know, just doing a lot of guessing.

Today is curve day so I'll post his current curve this evening along with his other curves for Nov. and maybe somebody will see something obvious jump out and have a suggestion. I imagine his insulin will be increased tomorrow evening after vet looks at curve. Sure hope his bg will come down a bit instead of getting higher.

Munchie, 11 yr. old Mini-Schnauzer, 23.2 lbs., diabetes 10/24/12. 8 units Novolin N 2xdaily.
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