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Default Re: Munchie–11 yr. old MiniSchnauzer–Just Diagnosed

Hi Louise, I haven't been able to keep up lately, but it sounds like you are as confused as I am and you have been right there.
It almost seems like you need the clean slate approach, or maybe you have already started this. Hopefully he has been at the same amount of the same food and same dose of insulin for at least 3 days. Then because he has been running so high for so long I would be fairly aggressive/faster with increases.

I think you test at home right? With numbers like you have been having I would feel comfortable curving every 3 days and then evaluate for an increase. Then as you got closer to ideal numbers you could slow down and let things settle in more.

Again i haven't been able to keep up lately, so I hope you don't take offense if I have missed details that would make this approach wrong, just how I would appraoch it.

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