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Default Re: Questions about my boy Mochi

Hi Raysaint,

Mochi's 6pm blood sugar went back up a bit again to 200 so I'm super confused.

He had a lot if tests done the past 2-3 weeks. He had an xray done first when he was limping on it and then I brought him to the specialist to get a full ct scan and ultrasound done that cost me around showed a lot of little problems. He does have arthritis on his elbow and its mildly worse than the right elbow but the specialist said that shouldn't be causing him to completely not put weight on it. He's been hoping around 3 legged for over a month now...
The neurologist took a look at him and shes also not sure exactly what it is. They recommend an mri that will cost me 3000$...and I'm taking him to get acupuncture done and start taking him into the rehab facility to get him some rehab..I notice when he runs fast he uses that leg. But when hes hoping around at home hes completely off of it.
Mochi is a 10 year old Pomeranian. Weighing 11.6lbs
Diagnosed with diabetes February 2016
Had cataract surgery June 2016.
On 4.5 units of HumilinN
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