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Default Re: Questions about Yuki

So our new normal is to check his blood sugar before every meal and then feed him. Sometimes he eats half sometimes he eats 3/4 and sometimes nothing so I have to figure out when to give him his insulin. Of course he is not regulated anymore which is very upsetting after a year of having him regulated. I think he has lost more sight in his eyes so we have baby gates everywhere. I have learned over the years with this disease to test a lot and adjust accordingly.

Recently I have to wake him up in the morning and put the food in front of him ans just pray that he eats. That has not been the case for him being in the past since he has Cushing's as well he normally ate a ton.

Sometimes it might be a couple hours in between that he eats the rest of his food. So I have to wait until his blood sugar gets to so I have to wait until his blood sugar gets to a certain level before I give him insulin.
15 yr old, Atypical Cushings, Pancreatitis, Allergies. 11.5u Vetsulin 2x a day. Royal Canin Glycobalance 1 cup 2x Day with 3 teaspoons boiled chicken and chicken bone broth. Snacks Green Beans. Tylan Powder, Purina Fortiflora, Flax Hull Lignans 35mg 1x day.
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