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Default Re: Please help - bad reaction with Trilo - don't know what to do next?

I'll be able to get her results this weekend, they're at my parent's office, so we'll have to go and grab them from there.

I think they performed a full panel on her. I will definitely get the full results ASAP.

She does have some of the other cushings's symptoms such as hair thinning on both sides of the body, pigmentation of the skin, dry coarse coat, and drinking a lot. She also gets shaky in her back end and has trouble getting up at times.

She used to have accidents at night or when she was sleeping/resting, but after taking phenopropalamine, that hasn't happened since.

I'm assuming the steroid is helping her arthritis, she's gone up and down the stairs by herself for the first time in a while.

I'm hoping Metacam will help with that as well, she starts taking that next week.

Thanks so much for your help