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Default Re: Please help - bad reaction with Trilo - don't know what to do next?

I have to agree with Scott, Kim and Natalie; If your dog is on any heart meds Trilo is contraindicated for some of those meds, I believe it is the ACE inhibiters, as well the signs you saw in your dog does look like it could have been to much meds either to high a dose or possibly the wrong diagnosis so we are anxious to see the test results that diag cushings. There are other conditions out there that mimic cushings the hair loss could be hypothyroid, my dog has Diabetes insipidus in which she drinks tons of water, DI is not Diabetes mellitis the sugar one, DI is when they do not have enough anti duiretic hormone so she drinks and pees and can not concentrate her urine. As the pred helped it appears that it was to low of cortisol causing the problems as well the pred will help the arthritis so that maybe why your pup appears tobe feeling wayyyyyy better.
Hope all stays well and I would hold the trilo for a while, trilo people can give you more info on that. I would also be cautious with the medicam as I believe it is and NSAID and they along with a highcortisol can cause a GI bleed.
How much trilo were you giving?