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Actually I am blond and it took 20 years for me to be assertive and that was 16 years ago.

I still really miss both dogs. My daughter did get another dog who is adorable. Dalmatian and pit mixed. Just as sweet as can be but needs to learn some manners and is very rambunctious. Problem is I keep calling her Loo and her name is Dahli.

It is funny how mellow my husband has become with the dogs. We just installed new carpet in the Pro Shop (we run a softball complex) and Dahli has already peed at least 3 times and he just takes it in stride. 16 years ago he would have gone crazy.

The online chat was a life saver for me (or should I say Monkey). It does seem like moments ago but a life time too. A lot has happened since that time.

I have been putting in 15 to 18 hour days so I take a peek at the boards now and again but I don't have much time to respond a lot.

Thanks for your help.

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