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Default Love is a tender and fragile place to be

In memory of MaryEllen Burket's "Beauregard"


My name is Beauregard and a special family came to adopt me when I was only one week old. They chose to fall in love with a life that they knew would be much more temporary than their own... "A tender but fragile place to be". While they loved and sacrificed for me, their days with me are gone for now. It was their love that let me go... "A tender but fragile place to be". I am happy up in heaven. But I know that right now my family still can't believe that they won't see me sprawled out on the couch, feel the hard lick of my tongue when I kiss them or hear me bark constantly at my friend the squirrel... Love is always a tender and fragile place to be. And though time has parted us for now, Love is not measured by time. Time is "Not". And so, for the precious love you gave me................................................ .................................................. .
Don't cry for me MaryEllen. You loved me the most.
I could tell I was your special boy. I watched you smile at me and boast.

I saw the tears as you nursed me. And know your heart hurt in pain
Remember that your mere presence brought me sunshine...not rain

Now, you know I was your tough guy. I really know You. It's true.
You really liked it when I cut up. So, I'd tear up that bad-bad broom just for You!

Don't cry for me Big Paul. You and I had our special way.
And I do know how much you loved me. Oh, how we rolled and wrestled in play.

Remember how we played so hard and so rough? Boy, we had so much fun.
And when I chased you and that bad bad lawnmower. What a great life. I've WON!!

Don't cry for me brothers. Your youth and energy kept me prime.
And while I chased, bumped and jumped you. I know I had a really great time

Oh, Abby, I miss your sweetness. It makes you so special. Did you see?
When you dropped all of your cookies, They always came straight to Me.

I was so sad as I watched you all... during those last nights when you wept
And so, I waited for you to not to be afraid. How could I have slept?

I knew our last minutes were very hard for you. I felt your arms around me so tight. I felt your warmth cause our our hearts to merge. And in your tears shone that beautiful bright light.

Now, I know you will miss me, but my memory can still be found
When you pick pears from our fruit tree, Think of my half eaten one's on the ground.

You'll have so many memories of me always, So if some days seem really hard Remember me fighting off the bad bad airplanes and chasing those squirrels out of the yard.

Oh, I need to ask you a big favor, to keep one last vision of me.
Just me snickering at my squirrel friends. What a sight that will be!

I try hard not to cry for you... For together again we will be.
It's just that terrible "waiting" for it to happen because... Love is a tender and fragile place to be.

Well, I am settling into a wonderful place with many different animals. There are some odd looking crab type creatures and fishes that say they once belonged to you. But, I don't see that turtle here yet..The one we let go in the pond. I am having a hard time thinking because you just wouldn't believe how many squirrels are running around me. They really seem to like me and maybe someday we will become friends? It's weird because I've got this big urge to "get" one of them. I had no idea my new life would be so much fun and exciting ...Hey!! I just met your old dog, Billy. He's a real big guy and really talks alot about you. We are sharing a lot of stories. Oh and we talked about Bubba. He didn't know that I knew him too. He told me that Bubba was his best friend. I remember when Bubba and all those bad bad white dogs kept barking at me when I was just a little baby. I told Billy about my friend, Linda, who was always real nice to me and let me do "anything" I wanted when you went on vacation. He knows her too!!!! Then, Billy told me about how he loved to eat toys and socks and balloons. Yuck!! And then I told him how you always give me special baby carrots and fresh yogurt and ice cream. Of course , I had to listen to his long story about him and Big Paul wrestling with some old Golden Retriever... and so I told him about how I always nibbled on MaryEllen's back.. went for rides to the pet store...had special baths and my ears rubbed.... and got lots of hugs and kisses because I was " your boy "..... I really miss you. You know..I think that Billy came to comfort me...... to share the memories that made our lives so worth while.......Your Love...... Love is a tender and fragile place to be!! Love from "Your Boy"....BOGIE ...(written for MaryEllen and Paul and family after their loss of their "boy" Bogie)©FM
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