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Originally Posted by jesse girl View Post
to high or to low can give lethargic symptoms . the only way is to test at those times

It took awhile for my jesse to perk up but she has her ups and downs and that could be the new normal living with the disease

If you can attain blood sugar in a range of 100 to 250 that is pretty good some do better many dont
403 this morning at just now. I'm assuming 100 to 250 you are talking after converting not straight from relion prime numbers? So a 403 on this meter is really 500 plus?

Since I dropped her down and the numbers went up and the numbers are so high, I'm assuming she needs a lot more insulin to bring the numbers down, but the dose is getting very high for an 8 lb dog.

Past few weeks all she does pretty much is walk to go to the bathroom and otherwise just lies down and sleeps, if you get her up, she walks a few feet and goes to sleep. Water is like a treat to her now.
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