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Default Atypical Cushings Test

Can someone advise me on how to go about getting the screening for Atypical Cushings? I know the blood has to be sent to U of Tenn? Knoxville?
I spoke to my vet about this and he agreed to having this test done.

Most of this info. was on the old site which is in limbo now.

My Aussie is going to get an ACTH in about a month and I want to get screened for both atypical and typical cushings...

Her bloodwork came back with high liver enzymes (again) and high cholesterol. Everything else looked good and she continues to have pretty minimal symptoms while taking selegiline. But, the high liver enzymes (over 3000) are troublesome.

I am really wondering if she is atypical....if I get the urine cortisol: creatine test done first, would atypical register on that?