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Smile Re: Atypical Cushings Test

Thanks for the links Leslie...very interesting. I think it is very possible that Mandy has Atypical Cushings. It has been 1 yr since her ACTH test...but several other tests were in-between (ultrasound, thyroid, blood work [multiple], urinalysis, etc.). She was 'high normal' for cortisol on the ACTH test last year. Of the 5 vets who saw her, a few felt she was cushingoid, regardless of the ACTH #.

My regular vet suggests we do the ACTH again, but if she has to go thru it again, I'd prefer to do the full screen from U of TN. I was able to download all the will cost a bit more, but I think it is more thorough. I may do the urine cortisol:creatine test first, to see what it says re: cortisol is only $40 and a good pre-screen.

Mandy is doing pretty well, all things considered and will turn 12yrs in May. She has been on anipryl/seligiline since September and her symptoms are well controlled/minimal. No UTIs either. She gets the 10mg of anipryl daily along with her other supplements (cranberry, sam-e, milk thistle + a blood glucose vitamin). I had hoped her liver counts would come into line with the milk thistle & sam-e, but no luck on that. At least her blood sugar was AOK (it had been high in Jan and diabetes was a concern, so I started giving her the blood glucose vitamin). I'd like her to lose weight; she is stuck at 25lbs, despite being on low-fat dog food, limited portions and lotsa veggies since january! (LOL! I DO spoil her...nibbles of pizza last nite!)

I had been sifting thru the net re:anipryl and saw some of the same things you did....possibly extending lifespan, slowing tumor growth, etc. It is a pretty mysterious drug, I think. It works for some cases, but no one can really explain why! It has clearly helped Mandy, relative to where she was before starting on it; it was a big help. But I'd like to make sure her cortisol levels and liver enzymes are not off the charts...

I'll keep you posted!