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Default Re: Hello, I am new here, Kallie just diagnosed

Hi Tammy,

I just got lucky I guess having two! Scooter was diagnosed first and then Bailey 6 weeks later. Scooter was so sick at the time that it was so obvious something was really wrong with him. Bailey not so much. So by the time I got done loading and stabilizing Scooter, I noticed Bailey drinking and peeing more and thought hhmmmm....they aren't related except through our hearts so it wasn't a genetic thing.

Scooter would have made his two-year mark this past February with Cushing's. I had to make the final decision the day after Christmas when he collapsed after a morning bath. Rushed him to the vet and found out his heart was very enlarged. He had multiple issues, severe allergies, severe arthritis, and this huge heart....and was really not having the best quality to his life. And I didn't want him to collapse like that when he would be all alone if I was at work and so I made the decision to let him go.

Bailey just celebrated his two-year anniversary. He is having some issues now but mostly related to his arthritis and hip dysplasia. So we just make every day special and I count my blessings!

If you see the slow down eating, that may be your sign. Both boys just hesitated for a millisecond which for them was unusual. My gut thought uh-oh. They loaded very very quickly and the vet thought I was nuts. But they were loaded! I was right. You don't want to go until Kallie is sick so if she hesitates again or seems to have a problem eating, I would take her to be checked. The teeth thing can sure complicate matters and I feel for you!!! I understand about balancing the expenses of all of this. We do the best we can. I am limited on what and how much I can do, so truly I understand.

Hang in there....loading is the pits but I know you can both do it!!!
Hugs, Beth, Bailey and always Scooter