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Default Re: Hello, I am new here, Kallie just diagnosed - she passed

I'm so sorry to tell everyone that Kallie passed away. I just got home from the vet. They found that her lung was filled up with fluid and were going to give her something to get rid of that and antibiotics and send her home. The medicine didn't work and they don't know why. When I went to pick her up they were going to send her home with me. She wasnt much different from this morning, but not worse. As I was sitting there waiting for the vet to come in she got way worse. They were counting on her getting better in the next couple hours. She didn't even hold her head up anymore. She had a very hard time breathing, and the vet said there was no chance for her at that point, so we figured it would be best to put her to sleep so she could stop suffering. They said she would have died on her own really soon.

This past year because of her age and heath related problems I made sure I did not take her for granted, not one day. Cuz I knew that when this happened I could look back at all those memories.

Thank you everyone for all your help the past month. Everyone is so nice and helpful. I will still be around keeping up on everyones stories.