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Default Re: PetSure Test Strips

Originally Posted by Lolo View Post
Iím in a Facebook group for canine diabetes and some people have been testing the petsure strips against AT2 strips and posting their results. Some of them are seeing really close readings on low numbers, but some large differences on higher numbers. I ordered some from amazon and should be getting them tmw or Friday.
Mine arrive today too!!! However, I will look up "how" to use them since the one review (by the Ferret lady) on Amazon c/o how difficult the strips were to use. When I compare AT with FS Lite, I get almost exact numbers when the BG is low...I am not getting my hopes up after reading that review. But, Alphatrak is getting on my nerves...3 AT meters with 3 different results. I asked Zoetis WHY they are more expensive than any other glucose strip.."Technology"...They also give me different reasons for coding..but waht can I do? and THEY KNOW IT!!!!I really want to use that libre system simply to see if the "pattern" of Suzie's BG's are accurate..but need to research if a DVM script is ok..Let's share results after we compare the Petsure..
Suzie, 10yo, chihuahua, diagnosed D.M. 8/3/2017started NPH..Lantus..Vetsulin.
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