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Unhappy Re: PetSure Test Strips

Originally Posted by Lolo View Post
I think what code to use on the petsure strips is kind of in doubt. They say to use code 20, but one user got readings closer to the AT2 strips with code 36.
Iíll def test them against each other and post my results here.
Of course, too soon to judge but not impressed at all with first test comparison on same blood gtt.
AT2 meter #1(code 36) with AT strip= 330
AT2 meter #2(code 20) with Petsure strip= 298..That code #20 is what is prescribed by the manufacturer so if #36 works better, then this company makes me wonder if something strange is going on..since "why" was this strip made to be intended to work with AlphaTrak? I am not a conspiracy theorist but did wonder from beginning about this strip being associated with Alphatrak by Zoetis..The insert seems quite in order so maybe I'm just disappointed..will continue to compare AT, PS and FS... I am so tired of all of this code stuff. I know I go overboard but as you all will agree, "We want the best for our little babies". BTW..the Petsure strip is not difficult to use...will gather more results and post them on Suzie's ss.
Finally, I have assumed ?? from the insert that "whole blood" these days means "plasma" glucose.
Suzie, 10yo, chihuahua, diagnosed D.M. 8/3/2017started NPH..Lantus..Vetsulin.
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