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Smile Re: PetSure Test Strips

Originally Posted by jesse girl View Post
Actually thats a pretty good comparison just being 30 points off in the 300 range . I would give it an A .

I have never been fully confident in any meter in the higher range but as long as its consistent thats ok

What i care about is under 200 and from what i can tell 150 and lower with the meters i have used i believe is pretty close

I have used a discount human meter for over 8 years . Jesse has not shown any diabetic symptoms and has been normal on that front and isnt that the goal ?
You're right Jesse..I think I am just tired of worrying and researching, thinking I will find the answers that I want..Well I have gone from 8 AT boxes/month to 3 over the year and by using freestyle lite as back up (or alone at times that I can anticipate a lower BG). I just got 3 results on 3 meters at 10 pm..I am going to try to use the same meter at 12a for AT and PS... Last August, I used Relion before I could get AT but at that time I did not have to worry about low BG's. However, it was crazy researching and a lot cheaper!!!! Under 200? at fasting? Don't I wish..Thanks for your input!!!
P.S...Wow..we'll see how wrong I can be..maybe...Using same meter...12 am AT strip=134 and 12 am PS strip =134 !! Poor Suzie..I couldn't get the FS test result
Suzie, 10yo, chihuahua, diagnosed D.M. 8/3/2017started NPH..Lantus..Vetsulin.

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