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Default Re: PetSure Test Strips

Originally Posted by bichons9 View Post
..since "why" was this strip made to be intended to work with AlphaTrak? I am not a conspiracy theorist but did wonder from beginning about this strip being associated with Alphatrak by Zoetis.
It’s no different than any other knockoff strip being made for a name brand meter. Alphatrak is the most commonly used pet meter and the zoetis strips are expensive. Of course there’s big money in making a cheaper strip for the most commonly used pet meter. It’s no different than genultimate making knockoff cheap strips for the human OneTouch.
I for one do not enjoy spending $100+ a month on strips for my AT meter BUT it’s the only meter I really trust. I would love if petsure was actually able to knockoff the technology of the AT strip, but the fact that people are kind of guessing at what’s the best code to use for it is not good. Their response to one user was that maybe code 20 wasn’t right and to try 44. That’s not good. The instructions in the box seem like there’s some lost in translation parts and they just copied instructions from AT strips.
That said, I tested it yesterday at midday and got really close readings with code 36... not as close but still totally acceptable with code 20. One test isn’t enough to judge, but a promising start!
AT strip 194
Petsure (code 36) 196
Petsure (code 20) 176

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