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Default Re: Jack - new to my house

He chased a squirrel up a tree at the dog park this weekend and it took him a good fifteen minutes to give up on catching him... so yeah, he definitely likes chasing small furries.

I share my office with a kennel for one cat, Gus, so Jack and Gus have spent a lot of time in the same room and as long as Gus is calm Jack is calm. Katie, however, is unable so far to be calm in Jack's presence and he returns the favor.

Jack is very bright and I'm pretty sure we can teach him to leave them alone. He already sits very politely for his food and waits to be released to go to his bowl even though he's really really hungry.

He's also been going berserk when the three Jack Russells next door are out. They go nuts and he... returns the favor. I take all this as a sign that he's starting to consider this his home but will be glad when we get to a point where there is less supervision of all things furry required!
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