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Default Re: Jack - new to my house

Hi Glenda,

I'll email you the following links too. We had both of these tests done on Chris, who turned out to be such a mixed up mutt they couldn't tell us anything about him!! But I've heard good reviews about both and know of dogs who did get results back.

Since the Heritage Breed test covers all the breeds we think are likely - border collie, greyhound, whippet, Italian greyhound - and requires just a cheek swab rather than a blood test, we are going with it with Jack.

Should be able to do it in Canada - they mail you a cheek brush that you use yourself to collect the cheek cells and then just mail it back.

Canine Heritage Breed Test (cheek swab)
This link takes you to the list of breeds that are covered:

Mars Wisdom MX Panel (blood test - fairly large sample)
Vet must carry this test - we had to take Chris to a different vet hospital for this blood draw as our vet didn't do it.

Also Denise sent me some information on an inexpensive one - I'm not familiar with this one -
"Who's Your Daddy?" DNA Breed Identification Kit
(If it comes up as page expired, just put DNA test in the Search space)

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