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Default Re: Diagnosed today - lots of confusion and questionable veterinary visit/info

If blood sugar is high there wont be any amount of food that will subdue hunger as food is not processed very well into the body with high sugar

Its best to stay the course and do a complete curve once a week and adjust the dose based on the lowest number within that curve

I test jesse on her inner lip and at the beginning jesses vet at the time thought i was cruel but letting her suffer through high sugar is much worse than the small discomfort from testing

Now jesse gives me a kiss after testing her inner lip and probably have done it 10,000 times or more

There are simple protocols to follow and not doing them prolongs the regulation process . Once regulation is complete than you may have a bit more flexibility
Jesse-26 lbs - 15.5 years old - 10 years diabetic - one meal a day homemade and a vitabone snack - 3 shots of Novolin a day sometimes Novolog or r as a correction to higher sugar but that is rare. total insulin for a 24 hour period is between 8 and 10 units of NPH insulin depending on her fasting number
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