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Default Re: Newly Diagnosed and Confused

Originally Posted by Isabelle View Post
I could use some reassurance from everyone who has experience. Izzy started an increase to 7 units of Humulin N on Friday and today she is back to drinking and peeing. Every time we increase her insulin dosage she is better for a few days and then reverts back to the drinking and peeing cycle. We take her to the bet to test her blood glucose and it had increased. I know we are in the beginning stages and it will take some time. I trust our vet and from what I read, she is doing everything right. However, I am an emotional basket case - I was in the grocery store this morning and I just started crying. I will be talking to the vet tomorrow since her blood and urine test results will be back tomorrow - she thinks her UTI needs another course of antibiotics. Thanks for listening.
Your story sounds pretty normal. 7 units might still be near the starting dosage and she might need more in the future. Infections can cause higher blood glucose readings so that might be adding to her problems. I know it's hard to do, but slow adjustments is the way to go

You are using Humulin-N? Most who are using "N" insulin are using Novolin-N from Walmart. I've used both Humulin-N and Novolin-N and really didn't see any difference. Novolin-N from Walmart is $25/vial (loss leader?) whereas Humulin-N is often $125+ for the same amount.

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