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Default Jesse just diagnosed with Cushings

Wow, am I happy to get on board with all of you. You have no idea how I felt when I couldn't find the Cushings forum.
To get to my story, my border collie, Jesse, had ALL the symptoms - 2 vets missed it, and I finally went to a specialists, he was 99 % sure Jesse was a cush dog but said that I should do nothing, that the drugs would kill him for sure. I came home and found the cush forum and then I was in doubt after reading for days and days. But --- he is the specialist !!??
Well, my dog has gone down hill so much in that time I knew it was time to do something for my beautiful guy.
Jesse is 15 - pancreatitis (I feed small tiny meals throughout the day - lots of enzymes and a chinese remedy for gallbladder/pancreatitis. Other than that, hes beautiful. Well - he was till 1 month ago when the hindend weakness started to set in. He's 88 lbs (10 of that is his belly, he may not be a purebred - he's a pound puppy) His blood work was good.
I see I should post the dex test (8 hour) I'm not really sure what to copy
pre dex 7.6
post 4 hour 8.4
post 8 hour 8.8
I actually had a vet in the town over do the test - but after listening to her - she has treated one dog and had alot of problems getting the dose right she hadn't thought of using compounding pharmacies and said she usually doesn't treat cushings dog - just lets them live it out - after reading the cush forum - I decided to find another vet - this all happened yesterday.
So now someone I saw 5 months ago that has never treated a cush dog is going to help us. (NO vet in my area has treated with trilostane or many cush dogs for that matter - I called everyone.)
Yesterday - I called the trilostane co and told them about the stories I've read here and asked "what's up with the inconsistant dosages" he said "yes - we may be making changes" - WHEN?????
I was pretty upset and he gave me the name of a vet in New York - Mark Peterson - I called him and asked if he would work with a vet if I find one.
He said he would - and the vet near me siad he would work with him too.
So I'm waiting for a call from the vet near me - as we speak.
Has anyone read or heard about retinoic acid
Oh - I'm so nervous and scared for my boy. He's my whole life.
I want to thank "KIM" if it wasn't for her I would have never been able to figure how to get on this site. Thank you so so so much Kim.
Patti and Jesse