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Default Re: Jesse just diagnosed with Cushings

Patti! It is Kim!

I have a 15 min break for lunch but I am so relieved you got the posting thing down. Way to go! We all started somewhere. Couple thoughts -

First off - I hope that vet that Marianne linked you to is the same as the new one you found. You'd be in super hands it would appear.

Second off - what are the symptoms that scare you the most right now? Is it the hind leg weakness? My dog had it too and with treatment it slowly went away. Is there anything else?

Cushings is often not diagnosed because it mimics old age and vets don't notice all the signs we do. I think my poor girl had it for many years before we accidentally discovered it. So don't be worried that you have to medicate TODAY. It is important to make sure that:

1. the diagnosis is right
2. you understand the disease and the medication

First step is coming on here and posting what you did. Be sure to read the links and ask lots of questions. There are no stupid ones. We have been there.

I have never heard of that testing company you linked. Why do you ask?

Thanks for taking the time to find us.