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Default Re: Jesse just diagnosed with Cushings

Hi Patti,

Our intent is NOT to make you more scared but to make you aware.

Knowledge is power they say, and that is never more true than when dealing with Cushing's. I really, truly wish we could say, "Oh, don't worry, this is nothing to concern yourself about. Whatever you do will be just fine. Any ole' vet can handle Cushing's and any med will work like a charm on your Jesse", but that would not be fair to you or to Jesse. Cushing's is complicated and requires a good, Cushing's savvy vet and an educated parent. BUT that doesn't mean there is no hope. We have had many, many pups get diagnosed and be treated with no troubles whatsoever and go on to live many more years on treatment, happy as can be. When I say many more years, I mean just that...many more. We had one member who's pup lived 12 years after diagnosis and treatment and another who's pup lived for 8 more. These are only two of the examples from our group and there is no telling how many more are out there we have never met who have had the same experience.

What is important is that you can make informed decisions about Jesse and his care. That is one of our purposes here, to inform you about what we have learned to help you avoid some of the mistakes we have made.

It looks as if the Dr. Peterson you and your vet will be working with is THE Dr. Mark Peterson. You will be in some of the very best hands in the canine Cushing's world with him and I hope that in itself will help you have less fear. You and your vet will learn a great deal from him and be able to help others as a result. In fact, you will be teaching us things before long, I have no doubt!

We all understand how scary this is right now and I want you to know that you can talk to us about your fears any time, not just things pertaining to tests, treatments, etc. While we do our best to provide accurate information, there is just as much to be offered from the human level. That doesn't require anything but caring about each other, and we do care about you and Jesse. Once you introduce yourselves to us, you are family and like family, we may not always agree, but we always care.

Leslie and the girls